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John & Annette Hart,


Thank you for helping me pick my first hunting dog. Princess is social, loving towards other animals and gentle with my six month old daughter.  From her pedigree, I know she will be a good dog.  I have seen Buster in the field and observed him in trials and challenges. I can tell his daughter will have the same desire and obsession to please.


I have been impressed with her nose and her natural ability to track birds the few times I have worked with her.  I cannot wait to see what she will be like when she is finished with puppy school. I look forward to hunting behind her this fall.




Bill Moen

Denver, Colorado






I wanted to thank you for your help in locating a puppy for us. We are the people you hooked up with Gary from Born Ranch and a female pup back in May. We met him in Parker on his way back home. We really appreciate your help. She has been a blessing to us and has helped to deal with the loss of our other dog Maggie.


Thanks again for taking the time and following up with us. Your time has & will make a big change in our lives.




Butch, Laura, & Molly Easom




Letter from Dan Miller:




Hello to the Hart family,

   Just a friendly note to let you know how pleased my family and I are with our pup.  He is the smartest and easiest dog I have ever trained and his temperament is perfect for my family.  He really did turn out to be everything you said he would be.
John I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me in detail about the right dog for me.  You gave me great advice and were an immense help in choosing my new hunting partner.  Sadly I had to have my old GSH put down today after 16 years of being a top notch Chuckar dog, he will be missed at hunting camp and stories will be told of him for years to come.  I can't thank you enough for all your help. Outlaw Gundogs is truly a "Class Act" in my book.

Thanks again and good hunting.

Robert Reiten





   I'm working on the paper work we did pick a name its Outlaw's Buckshot Nitro Magnum. Some photos to to follow and we would like to bring buck by so you can see him work on wing and fly rod. Best dog I've ever had thanks so much.





Hello Outlaw Gundogs.........

   Finally here are a few pictures of Gunner in our home (quality isn't great, my son took them). He is a wonderful dog and definitely part of our family.  I will try to get some pictures of him in action in the field soon and forward them too.
At any rate thank you for the opportunity to have such a great dog and friend.


Brad Konopaki 
Moose Jaw, Sk. Alaska


Hello there!

   How are you guys doing?  Well, here is "Ruger" in action!  Anyways, he is stalking and pointing the pheasant wing!  It is so fun to see him in action!  Everyone is so amazed at what he is doing at such a young age!   Ruger is doing great!  He is such a wonderful dog and he is so stinkin' smart that it isn't funny!  He is pointing with the best of them.  We took him to my parents house for Easter, and he thoroughly enjoyed all the pheasants and other wildlife!  We love him so much and we are so thankful that you guys let us take one of your dogs home!  Thanks again!  He does so well with Addison!  I have a distinct feeling that they will be the best of friends! He licks her like a salt block, and she just squeals!!!!! 

   We sure hope that everything is going well with all of you guys!  Any more pups in the making?  Sorry we have not sent the paperwork in yet.  I have the best of intentions, but that just doesn't seem to get it done.  His name is Outlaws "Righty" Ruger.  Hope that works for you guys!  Thank you again for the dog and friend!  We really appreciate all that you guys have done for us!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Ruger-- from the Belle x Tango litter






John and Annette, 

   We are thinking about breeding Sadie in the Spring.  We would like to find a good compatible sire for her.  We need help from you on how we find a sire and the logistics of getting her bred.  There are a couple of families in the area that have requested a puppy if we breed her.  She is the prettiest dog we have ever had and also the largest female we have had. She eats like a horse.  Her personality is absolutely wonderful. She is not shy or timid at all and loves everyone.  She takes to the water like a fish even when it is cold.  Tom has taken her hunting a couple of times and she has done everything he has wanted her to do.  Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful dog.

We love her to death. 

Let us know how we go about finding a good sire. 


Tom and Connie Clark
Worland, Wyoming.
Sadie--from the Belle x Tango litter




John & Annette,

   I though I would send a Photo of Lady.  Her training is going great.  She is a spectacular dog and we love her to death.  She is scheduled for her NA test in November. 

David and Nancy Mclaulin


Lady--from the Belle x Tango litter





Hey Gang,

I can't thank you enough for a truly fantastic dog...I feel like I should send you more money every day when I wake up.

Andrew Williams
Galena, Illinois

Axel--from the Belle x Tango litter



Hi Guys,

Here's some recent pix--Jocko's doing great.  He got all his new teeth in, so he's much more comfortable.  Have been taking him hiking,and he's unbelievable--scrambles over the rocks, up and down canyon walls, and never, ever gets tired.  Only time he balked was on a 15 ft. steep patch of slickrock, so I climbed back up and held him while I butt-slid down.  He's been chasing prairie dogs lately, but has yet to catch one. 

Our son Jeff came last weekend and we took Jock on a 7 mile excursion down and up a steep canyon, and he had a ball-- rousted a cottontail, got a little thirsty (he's not quite got the hang of drinking from a water bottle and I forgot his little dish on that hike), but when we got back to the car, he was ready for more.  If he misses his 2nd walk of the day, he'll make you play fetch for hours to compensate. 

I've introduced him to "Whoa" and "Come", which he gets perfectly out in the field. I've started working on a long leash at the start of walks.  He's getting more mature.  He's a terrific little guy. 


Mike Chandler and Shiela Canavan

Jacko-- from the Belle x Tango litter






   Nice talking with you yesterday.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Attached are a couple of photos until I get a few better ones.  In the meantime if you could email me some of Rikka's baby pictures and photos of her mother I would greatly appreciate it.  Also any new photos you have of the same breeding.  Anybody you want can contact me regarding this breeding and I'll be happy to tell them the quality of these dogs. 

Bruce Thompson
Greensboro, Ga

Rikka-- from the Belle x Tango litter












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