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The guarantee on any Outlaw Gundog is very simple - just like our dogs, it is positively the best available!!


Outlaw Gundogs are guaranteed to be free from any hereditary genetic problems for the life of the animal…Period!!!



How can we supply such a guarantee when others give a year or two???  Easy… we have structured our breeding program to produce the highest quality, healthiest dogs known to exist. We know our dogs and have no worries about providing our customers with quite possibly the finest hunting dog they will ever own and backing it up with the best guarantee!


Every new owner of an Outlaw Gundog is expected to be an ethical, humane and a concerned, responsible owner!  You expect a lot from your breeder and your breeder should expect a lot from you…. and believe me…we do!!!  You will never own one of our dogs if you don't deserve to!!



*We expect the following things to occur when you own one of our dogs, and we will hold you to them: (you accept that upon demand we can legally remove a mistreated animal from your possession with no recourse.  No questions asked…we are serious about our dogs being owned by quality folks!)


1) The animal will be provided with an approved nutritional/diet program supplied by us to new owners.

2) The animal will be housed and kept in an approved home environment or kennel facility with specified protection from the elements.

3) The animal will be kept on a religious health program, including vaccinations, supplements, regular exercise, medical check-ups and an unlimited supply of clean fresh water.

4) The animal will be evaluated annually to ensure correct development and to recognize future breeding potential.

5) Outlaw Gundogs will retain all breed rights on any animal …until the terms and conditions of our co-ownership agreement are met.

6) Outlaw Gundogs will receive free stud service/ frozen semen from any male of our choice for the life of the dog regardless of co-ownership or not.



*Conditions of the Guarantee:

1) All dogs will be vet checked and a health report sent back upon receipt of dog/puppy.

2) Any dog/puppy determined to be unacceptable due to health, conformation or any reason what so ever will be reported upon receipt of animal or all rights to guarantee shall be null and void.

3) Any dog developing any condition during their lifetime deemed to render said animal hereditarily unhealthy, or genetically unsound as a non-breedable specimen shall be spayed or neutered at the owners sole expense and proof shall be sent back immediately from the vet performing the procedure.


With the following remedies available to the customer:

A) If the owner chooses to keep the animal, Outlaw Gundogs will reimburse the owner $250.00 of his purchase cost and will allow the owner priority choice of a pup from another litter at ½ the cost of the selling price of that litter.

B) If the owner chooses not to keep the animal, the animal may be returned un-spayed or un-neutered for a full refund of the purchase price.  All shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the owner.  Once the animal has arrived in healthy condition and deemed by us to be as contested by owner, the refund shall be made.

C) The animal may be returned at the owners expense un-spayed or un-neutered and the owner may choose a puppy as replacement from the next available litter free of charge.


If any abuse, malnutrition, or any signs of irresponsibility or neglect, or deemed not as contested, is/are present in any returned animal ALL guarantees shall be null and void!  Any and all expenses relating to the animal for the entire duration of their life shall be at the sole expense of the owner.  Outlaw Gundogs is not responsible for any expense incurred, or any liability created at any given time for the life of the dog regardless of co-ownership status.



*CO-Ownership agreement:

All Outlaw Gundogs will be co-owned with the new owner until any of the following conditions are met:


A) An AKC Master Hunter title is placed on the dog.

B) A NAVHDA Utility Prize II or better is placed on the Dog.

C) A NASTRA Championship is placed on the dog.

D) The Dog reaches 6 years of age


Co-ownership insures that we will have the right to breed within our own line…NOBODY has our exact lines and we don't want them to…and we do not want our lines out crossed.  We want you to have the best dog possible and if you want to breed it for a new pup for yourself we want to be able to direct you to the same line dogs so you can get another great dog!  We want to continue to breed the best of the best of our dogs and this is how, we together, will continue our line.  We want our dogs to excel with their owners and if you achieve any of the above titles or prizes we want to recognize you for your hard work …in addition to receiving sole ownership of your dog you will receive $100.00 from us as a congratulations for your efforts!!


Outlaw Gundogs has full rights to pictures, promotions, publishing, title and award representations, and any usage of name, title, achievement, of any of the dogs we breed!!  We are darn proud of our dogs and want the world to know!!


Outlaw Gundogs created this guarantee to provide you with the reassurance that from years of our hard work and research, you are truly getting a superior dog.  In return, we want you to be the best dog owner you can be and want you to know that we place our pups with only those homes that we believe they can excel in!!  Because of this…Outlaw Gundogs are quite simply….'The Best'!!






(c) Copyright 2003,2004,2005 Outlaw Gundogs