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The following, are a list of Breeders, Kennels and Trainers that we feel are some of the finest people in the dog world. This listing is put here for your convenience…if we can't fulfill your needs at this time. We believe these people are more than worthy of your consideration in obtaining or training a great dog!!!







WESTWIND GSP's: Owned and operated by Gary Hutchison of Kansas. This man is one of the finest individuals we have ever had the privilege of knowing. His breeding program, and knowledge of his line of dogs is second to none. He has been breeding for many years, and produces some of the best shorthairs in the world. Not to mention he is one of the nicest, most honest, truly dedicated, knowledgeable, guys we know!! He can be located at: www.westwindgsps.com



CADEN'S KENNEL: They can be reached at http://www.cadenskennels.com/



ABBE LANE GERMAN SHORTHAIRS: Rob and Judy Moerman run this kennel in Michigan. Rob is a retired cop, and has been breeding shorthairs on his farm for years. He produces some really nice dogs, and is a super straight shooter and nice guy. He hunts hard for several MONTHS in several states each year. So other than making us jealous because he gets to hunt more, as he has more free time than we do…he's a pretty good guy. He can be reached at www.bdarn.com/abbe/



TOP GUN KENNELS: Steve, Jodie, Rachel and Ben Ries of Iowa, run this kennel. They are involved in as many venues of competition and testing, as I believe a human can run dogs in. Steve works darn hard training, and running trials with his dogs, and produces some very nice stuff. He is a heck of a nice guy, and has a great family with numerous friends in the dog world, and in the Christian community! Faith…Family…Friends…Go Ben!!!!! They can be reached at www.topgungsps.com



SHOOTING STARR KENNELS: Owned and operated by Jim and Donna Rieser, and their children in Wisconsin. Jim is also a Vet, and a super nice guy. They have been breeding and testing/trialing shorthairs for many years, and they are particularly well known in the NAVHDA arena. They produce some very nice dogs. They can be contacted @ http://bdarn.com/shootingstarr/






If Shorthairs aren't your deal….


SHADOW MOUNTAIN LABS: Patrick and Tiffiny Brennan own and operate this kennel in Conifer Colorado. They have some very nice dogs, and work very hard training, running trials, and breeding. While constantly working to put titles on their dogs, they can be found at numerous tests and trials across a lot of the western and central US of A. As avid hunters, they hit it hard each and every season, both upland and waterfowl (their passion). They are great folks and can be reached at www.shadowmountainlabs.com



VALHALLA BIJOU KENNELS: Russell and Stephanie Maclennan own and operate a couple of great hunt clubs and preserves in Colorado. They produce several very nice litters of Pointing Labs and German Shorthairs each year. They are wonderful folks and good friends. If Outlaw Gundogs does not have what you need, give them a call if your looking for a nice pup, started dog, or finished hunting companion, they will steer you in the right direction.  They can be reached at www.valhallahuntclub.com 






If you don't train, or don't have the time to train….these guys are the best of the best!!


KC COUNTRY KENNELS: Carl Sax heads up the training program at the Kiowa Creek Sporting Club. Check him out at: www.gspgundogs.com



SHARP SHOOTERS KENNEL: Owned and operated by Clyde and Marilyn Vetter of Wisconsin. They are very well known and respected, particularly in the NAVHDA world…and first class trainers! They work hard and their results speak for themselves. They can be reached at www.sharpshooterskennel.com



CADEN'S KENNEL: They can be reached at http://www.cadenskennels.com/






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